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A completely normal LJ entry!

Wow! I haven't written one like this in a while ... just telling everybody what is going on in my life at the moment.

* EF is going to be on ARTE.TV tonight!

You've probably already read this in BBF's and other people'S livejournals. Back in December, we represented the Furry Fandom at "Les Mondes Hors-Pistes", an exhibition and festival of underground arts and subcultures. I'm a bit afraid. The overall feeling at the festival was extremely positive, and I SO hope that the editors of the documentary are going to treat us with the same amount of fairness and dignity. The thing (about the whole festival, not just the furries), is going to air on arte at 0:35 tonight, and rerun at 3.

* Progress on EF11 pawpetshow DVD

Yes. I know. EF11 was three years ago :) But I finally managed to get over my creativity block, and started working on stuff again. I salvaged the multitrack audio and BBFs edited video from an almost-dying HD, got a dump of the DAT Tape containing the audience recordings. I'm already halfway through stitching the scenes together and re-syncing them with the ambient audio track from the DAT, and creating some extra overlay titles, graphics, and even animations to fill some of the "audio only" parts of the show. God, did this thing really have a playing time of 150 minutes??!?! The only material I'm still missing is the backstage cam recordings. Need to nudge BBF to capture them to DV for me from the original VHS. If you read this, BBF ... I need your help on this really soon :) When the full video track is ready, next step will be manual cleanup of the multitracks (noise removal, gating, normalizing, EQ), and then recreating the original 5.1 mix. I'm planning to have a first mix ready in two or three weeks. Let's see! Need to re-arrangy my living room a little bit for this.

* EF15 hotel negotiations

Last weekend, we've been visiting a possible new Eurofurence location ... I'm not giving out any details yet, but the function space they have is pretty mindblowing ... as in ... almost too big for us :) The hotel has just about the right size, and the regular prices look promising ... we're waiting for their initial offer. No. It doesn't have quite the atmosphere of the Ringberg Hotel. But then ... I'm afraid ... that's going to be pretty unique. Let's enjoy it while it lasts :) We'll make up for it with lots of other cool stuff. I promise :)

* MP3 player hacking - Rockbox rocks!

I bought myself a Sandisk Sansa C250 in January, while I was in the USA. I was pretty disappointed with its capabilities. Only mp3 and WMA, no photo/video capabilities (despite a color display), it does have an expansion slot but only supports msd cards up to 2 Gig ... and the only way to get music on it is my using some special software such as media player 10. As I then discovered that also the battery has a loose contact, I nearly threw the thing away.

But then I discovered there's a port of Rockbox, an open source alternative Firmware for mp3 players. It installed without a hitch, and now my sansa plays ogg, mp1/mp2/mp3/aac, flac, mpc, wav, aiff, views jpeg and gif and text files, plays mpeg1 and mpeg2 videos, supports msd cards of up to 16Gig, and simply mounts as a mass storage device, no more MTP shit. Oh, and it plays games, such as tetris, bubbles, chess, solitaire ... and DOOM. Oh, and it's got stuff like a 5-band parametric equalizer, file management commands, heck I can even change the PITCH.

Way to go, Sansdisk. Rockbox turns your almost unusable piece of junk into the most fun mp3 player I've ever owned.
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